Our Process

Step One


Your trash bin cleaning service starts with a scheduled pickup time and location. Our trucks wash your bins on the spot, so our customers don’t have to wait for a return time.
Step Two

Clean & Disinfect

Our 360° cleaning heads blast water at over 200° while pairing it with a disinfectant. This kills all festering bacteria and removes dirt & debris from every nook & cranny.
Step Three


Once your trash bins are sanitized and disinfected, we deodorize each container by hand leaving them smelling fresh & clean.

Step Four


When your service is completed we'll place your trash bins in your desired location, ensuring you that they're now clean, disinfected and deodorized.

Our Service Area

Ada, Belmont, Comstock Park, Grand Rapids (Downtown, South East End, South East Side, East Grand Rapids, Northeast, West Side), Grandville, Kentwood, Rockford, Wyoming

49301, 49306, 49321, 49341, 49418, 49503, 49504, 49505, 49506, 49507, 49508, 49509, 49512

As we grow we would love to expand into your area, please fill out our contact form so we know where to go next.

Trash Can Cleaning Service Areas for Michigan

Choose the plan that is right for you

We operate seasonally April-December

We have the right service package for freshening up those smelly, germ-filled trash bins.


$30 First 2 Bins
$9 Each Additional Bin
3 Cleaning Minimum



$45 First 2 Bins
$13 Each Additional Bin
3 Cleaning Minimum

Stinkin Clean Bins Michigan Trash Can Cleaning Services Most Popular


$75 First 2 Bins
$18 Each Additional Bin
1 Cleaning


Our Story

Like every good start-up story these days, it all started with a TikTok. Sway and Steven were introduced to the trash bin cleaning industry on thier feeds. They joked about the idea and moved on. But the algorithm knows best--a week later, they got together and both admitted that they could not get the idea out of their heads. From there, they spent months researching and developing a business plan, and here they are, 1 year later, getting ready to launch.

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Owner / Operator

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